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Century old wooden casks

The cellars of Jean-Baptiste Adam, located in Ammerschwihr, are amongst the oldest and most prestigious Alsace producers. The estate was founded in 1614 by Jean-Baptiste Adam, “Gourmet-winemaker”.


Here, visitors can inhale the wonderful aromas emanating from the century old wooden casks, the fruit of our labors and passion, passed on from generation to generation.

Over a century old wooden casks

Here, our wooden casks, over a century old, serve as a testimony of our prestigious past, our experience and our ancestral savoir-faire. Today, we have added top of the line technology in order to bring the best of the past.

In our wooden casks, custom designed by terroir and by grape variety, the fermentation takes place naturally at its own pace.

The wooden casks breathe, providing a natural source of oxygen for the wines, and the temperature control system regulates the environment.

Stainless steel also performs a key role, as its neutrality allows it to preserve the fruit forward flavors.

Only imperative: to highlight the typical characteristics of the soilfutchene.jpg

The story of the five oldest hand carved wooden casks by Jean Adam:

In 1883, the great-grand father of Jean-Baptiste, Philippe-Jacques Adam, decided to give a cask to each one of his five children.
They are still in use in our cellar, and the initial of each child is carved in the wood for Emma, Elise, Aurélie, Marie-Catherine, and, finally, Jean-Baptiste.


For many years, the annual sales of each cask would be put away for each child, and the day of their wedding, the daughter would inherit the amount.

Wine library

Work of memory…

Jean-Baptiste Adam, a 14th generation winemaker, thinks about the future generations. He created a family wine cellar which brings together the collection of the past decades. Each great terroir (Kaefferkopf, Letzenberg, Wineck Schlossberg…) is preciously kept, and carefully cellared by vintage.

This collection proves once again, during vertical tastings (of a terroir, or a grape variety), that the Great wines of Alsace embellish with time, especially our Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer.

This year, a Riesling Kaefferkopf 1969 greatly impressed us during a vertical tasting at the association of Alsace Sommeliers.

The wine cellar, situated underground and protected by a window on the other side of the tasting room, fascinates all wine lovers.

Our cellar was chosen in 2008 by Mr Reibel Aladin, poet and actor, to host the audition of his poems, which pay tribute to our wine region.


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