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Our wines

Les Traditions


"For more simplicity and clarity, we have decided on a policy of ranges. The "Tradition" range has found its place in the offer quite naturally. I am particularly fond of these wines, which are perfect to enjoy among friends." Jean Baptiste ADAM

Matured according to the family tradition, these wines express their typicity, the freshness and fruity delicacy of the grape variety. In their youth, they go well with diverse cuisine and regional dishes.

Sylvaner Tradition
Pinot Blanc Tradition
Riesling Tradition
Pinot Gris Tradition
Gewurztraminer Tradition
Pinot Noir Tradition

Les Réserves


"A style, a philosophy and a method of working. The "Réserve” range can be described by this fine trio of ideas."

Reserve wines are made after a rigorous selection of the grapes produced on the hills of Ammerschwihr and the surrounding villages. Patiently matured in our storage cellars, they express with finesse the singular fruit of each of the Alsatian grape varieties. With a good length in the mouth, these are gastronomic wines selected for their personality.

Riesling Réserve
Muscat Réserve
Pinot Gris Réserve
Gewurztraminer Réserve
Pinot Noir Réserve

Les Cuvées Jean-Baptiste ADAM


"When my son Jean-Baptiste joined our firm, I dedicated this fine, prestigious range to him. The wines express with distinction the fruitiness of the grape and elegantly reveal the quality of the soil." Jean ADAM

Grown on our noble plots, these are wines for laying down that have a great deal of finesse and offer a very fine expression of the soil’s qualities.

Riesling Cuvée Jean-Baptiste
Riesling Kaefferkopf Cuvée Jean-Baptiste
Pinot Gris Cuvée Jean-Baptiste
Kaefferkopf “Cuvée Traditionnelle”
Gewurztraminer Kaefferkopf Cuvée Jean-Baptiste
Pinot Noir Cuvée Jean-Baptiste

Les Natures


ABIn our continuous quest of qualitative excellence, and by showing impeccable respect to the environment, it became natural for us to associate to our well known range of “Grand Vins de Jean-Baptiste Adam”, dedicated to the expression of the terroir, with an organic range of wines which are fully dedicated to the expression of the grape variety. Produced in perfect harmony with the soil, the earth, the air and the vines, vinified and matured in century old wooden casks, Les Natures are wines of character, generously expressing pure and natural flavors, and which will satisfy all amateurs of true pure and natural wines!

Le R'Eve d'Adam Les Natures
Le Riesling Les Natures
Le Pinot Gris Les Natures
Le Gewurztraminer Les Natures
Le Pinot Noir Les Natures

Les Grands Vins de Jean-Baptiste ADAM


demeter"Each day the vines of our estate are tended to according to biodynamic growing techniques. I like that little trace of salinity that magnifies the "terroir” factor." Jean Baptiste ADAM

Respecting the environment and the rhythm of nature, the soil is ploughed, the vines protected with natural preparations and plant-based infusions. The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand. The juices ferment without the addition of yeast to produce great wines offering a rare complexity and the highest expression of the "terroir".

L’Auxerrois “Vieilles Vignes” de Jean-Baptiste Adam
Le Riesling Letzenberg de Jean-Baptiste Adam
Le Riesling Kaefferkopf “Vieilles Vignes" de Jean-Baptiste Adam
Le Pinot Gris Letzenberg de Jean-Baptiste Adam
Le Gewurztraminer Kaefferkopf "Vieilles Vignes" de Jean-Baptiste Adam
Le Pinot Noir “Fût de Chêne”de Jean-Baptiste Adam

Les Vendanges Tardives et Sélections Grains Nobles


  Delaying the harvest with the aim of increasing the sugar content in the grapes is a process used for the production of "Vendanges Tardives" or late harvest wines. Indeed, often several weeks after the official start of the harvests, our great grape varieties, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer are harvested when overripe. The very slow fermentation continues until an interesting balance is obtained between the sugar and the alcohol, which is determined by the cellar master. As well as the aromatic character of the grape variety itself, there is also the power that comes from the phenomenon of concentration and the development of noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea).


  Exceptional wines, the "Sélections de Grains Nobles" are obtained by successively sorting for grapes touched by noble rot. Vinified with extreme care in small quantities, the nectar that results from this process is highly concentrated with an exceptional complexity of aromas in the mouth. The mellow, syrupy, perfectly balanced character gives these wines a virtually unlimited lifespan. True masterpieces, they can be drunk alone or to finish off a meal.

Exceptional wines, made exclusively in great years:

Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives
Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives
Riesling Vendanges Tardives
Pinot Gris Selection Grains Nobles
Gewurztraminer Selection Grains Nobles


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