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Kaefferkopf "Grand Cru"

A little history

The Kaefferkopf terroir was mentioned for the first time in the register of the Abbey Pairis of Ammerschwihr in 1338. It was cited numerous times in literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.


The Kaefferkopf terroir during the fall


Located in the heart of the Alsace vineyard, just south of our town of Ammerschwihr, the Kaefferkopf is stretched over the hillsides of the Vosges Mountains at 240 to 320 meters of altitude. Benefiting from long hours of sunshine, it produces racy, and wines of great finesse, which are the pride and joy of estate.

The soil

  • Geology : Terroir granite and limestone marl. Rich in calcium and magnesium.
  • Orientation : Southeast and East. Area cultivated by the estate: 3 ha.
  • Grape Variety : Riesling for 1 ha, with an average yield of 40 hl / ha - Gewurztraminer for 2 ha, with an average yield of 30 hl / ha.

More information on the Kaefferkopf

The soil is mainly composed of granite (Kaysersberg migmatite granite, granite micas of Turckheim 2) flush the foothills partially hidden by Quaternary formations of various origins.
The Kaefferkopf benefits from the microclimate Ammerschwihr, resulting from a foehn effect keeping high pressure in a state of depression, and particularly during the spring and fall. The Kaefferkopf terroir produces Wines that are racy well structured, balanced and elegant, with delicate aromas with a beautiful acidity.


Recently classified as a Grand Cru, the domaine JB Adam produces 3 distinctive Kaefferkopf cuvées:

Riesling Grand Cru Kaefferkopf

This dry and powerful Riesling shows complex fruit aromas. This exceptional wine can greatly benefit from cellaring, which will reveal mineral flavors over the next 10 to 15 years.

Food and Wine pairings:
It will pair beautifully with salt water fish, or freshwater fish, whether grilled or marinated, and with shellfish. It will also pair with white meats such as poultry, and veal!

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Kaefferkopf

Discover this rich and elegant wine.

Food and wine parings:
This wine is ideal as an aperitif, but will go great with foie gras, pastries, but also with strong cheeses such as blue cheese, and Munster cheese. It will also make a perfect companion for spicy cuisine such as chicken tangine with lemon and green olives.

Kaefferkopf "Cuvee Traditional"

Delicate blend with 80% to 20% Gewurztraminer and Riesling, each variety sourced from the Kaefferkopf terroir.
Its delicately spiced fruitiness makes it a wonderful wine for cocktails and receptions.

Food and wine pairings:
Ideal with spicy dishes, such as Chinese and Thai food, as well as with strong cheeses such as Blue, Roquefort, Munster.

As a wonderful testimony of historical reputation for excellence of this terroir, the single oldest Alsace wine label, of the vintage 1834, and produced by our estate, already has the mention “Kaefferkopf D’Ammerschwihr”.


Letzenberg, "rich and complex soil"

Letzenberg, rich and complex soil

This splendid terroir benefiting from long hours of sunshine, is located in the village of Ingersheim, right next door our town of Ammerschwihr.


The Letzenberg vineyard during harvest


The Soil

  • Geology : marno-argilo-limestone, rich in oligo elements
  • Size of production : 3 ha
  • Grape variety : Riesling for 1,5 ha with an average yield of 40 hl/ha - Pinot Gris for 1,5 ha with an average yield of 35 hl/ha
  • Average of the vines : 27 years

More information on the Letzenberg

Most of the elements of this eroded slope come from limestone layers which formed during the Jurassic era, but other interesting elements, and particularly around the outcrops are left from the Triassic era.

The clay-marl-limestone (red earth) soil of Letzenberg settled on conglomerates with pebbles of sandstone and limestone. The soil is heavy, fat, rich in oligo elements. In some areas, there is barely 20cm of topsoil, which forces the roots to dig deeper into the soil to find their required nutrients.

Letzenberg give birth to two cuvées:

Jean-Baptiste Adam’s Riesling Letzenberg

This Riesling is created for dry and racy white wine lovers!

Food and wine pairing:
This wine will pair beautifully with shellfish, oysters, salmon, bar, but will also make a fantastic companion for traditional Alsatian foods such as Choucroute.

Jean-Baptiste Adam’s Pinot Gris Letzenberg

This Pinot Gris is powerful, opulent, and shows great aromatic finesse. Extraordinary well balanced, its refreshing acidity confers it a great aging potential.

Food and wine pairing:
It will pair perfectly sweet and salty dish such as fried liver and mango, foie gras, snails and mushroom casserole, and desserts such as plum and apricot pie.

A few words from Jean-Baptiste Adam on the Letzenberg

«This great Letzenberg terroir has always fascinated me! It benefits from much sunshine due to perfect exposure favoring powerful wines, but extremely well balanced, and with a fantastic aging potential.»

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